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About the Movie
7th Secret
7th Secret
90 minutes
United States
Philly Born Films

A young wife harboring a secret finds herself wrapped up in a double life.

Director - Bridget got her start as a stand-up comic while living in Chicago. She did the comedy circuit for years before landing a featured spot in Comedy Central’s long running series Premium Blend.Read More
Producer/Writer - Mike was one of the first winners of Fade In magazine’s prestigious national screenplay competition for his original feature length thriller, Driven. Read More
Marissa - A newly married young woman who harbors a secret life long desire to be spanked, is faced with a gut-wrenching dilemma - ignore her desire or act them.Read More
Olivia - Olivia, the beautiful, sophisticated manager of Club Corporal, an upscale fetish club in Philadelphia. She is strong, yet vulnerable and wounded. Olivia is very protective of those she loves and dangerously jealous of the young beautiful Marissa. Read More
Liz - Marissa’s controlling, yet loving, older sister and confidant. She is an attractive, tell it like it is Philadelphia Police Detective who is extremely protective of her younger sister.Read More
Jacqueline Kelly - Jacqueline is the attractive, upscale, opinionated matriarch of the Kelly family.Read More
Brooke Kelly - Brooke is the gay, adorable, feisty little sister and black sheep of the very upscale Kelly family.Read More
Miss Vivian - Ms. Vivian, a very strong, Sexy, Dominant lady who stands behind her life style choice despite the opposition around her. Vivian is Olivia’s confidant and the only woman she will submit to .Read More
Slade - Slade, the very hot, dominant owner of Club Corporal. He is drawn to Marissa and lures her into a world which threatens to wreak havoc on her safe “vanilla” life.Read More
Kris - Marissa’s husband and high profile Prosecutor. He is making an election run to become the youngest District Attorney in the history of Philadelphia. He is handsome, charismatic, and straight-laced. Although he is a shark at work, he leaves his dominant side at the office and neglects Marissa’s need for it in the bedroom.Read More
Kailee Kelly - the upscale, judgmental oldest sister of the Kelly family who is expecting her first child.Read More
Michael Slade Jr. - Adorable son of Michael Slade.Read More
CJ - Assistant District Attorney who works very closely with Marissa's husband Kris. Read More
Praise for Director
First Day On Set
I learned fast that the key to being a good director is surrounding yourself with brilliant people, and that’s what I did.  I had a crazy talented cast, a dedicated and experienced crew, an amazing DP, and a producer/co-writer from heaven.  This was my first film, so trust me I know I was up to...
Pre-Production Disaster
Days before principle photography, what could possibly go wrong?  Ah!  Funny you should ask.     It started to feel very real.  I had the pleasure of meeting my wonderful crew, and visiting locations etc… All of a sudden it hit me that this may actually happen.  I’m a “believe it when I see it”...
Joan Jett Rocks
Getting the rights to music/songs is an impossible, crazy expensive process, and completely out of the question for a low budget independent film.  I listened to a 2 minute lame instrumental piece where the guy wanted 5K, so I was pretty sure getting several full length songs wasn’t in our budget.  We were determined to...
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Mike Walsh, Producer/Writer
Bridget Smith, Director