Joan Jett Rocks

Getting the rights to music/songs is an impossible, crazy expensive process, and completely out of the question for a low budget independent film.  I listened to a 2 minute lame instrumental piece where the guy wanted 5K, so I was pretty sure getting several full length songs wasn’t in our budget.  We were determined to have kick ass music in 7th Secret but how were we going to make that happen.


During the casting process, Joan Jett got a hold of our script.  And she LOVED it.  We desperately tried to work it out for her to make a cameo appearance in the film but it just so happened that she got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that year and was going to be on tour during our shoot.  DAMN IT!  But…not so fast.  Her manager got in touch with Mike, my producer, and said Joan really loves the script and wants to be a part of this film in some way.  She’d like to give you a song.  I’m sorry…what??????  I made Mike repeat those words back to me no less than fifty times.  Anyone who knows Mike knows he likes to mess with people.  I definitely thought this was one of those times.  Thank God it wasn’t!



Mike informed me that Joan has a couple of songs that deal with kink, and the manager asked us which one we’d like for the film.  I ran right to ITUNES and started listening.  She actually had a song called, “Fetish”.  How did I miss that one?  It’s a great song.  But the one that grabbed me immediately was “Love is Pain”.   This was the song!  It said it all.  I love great lyrics, and this one fit our movie perfectly.  Done!  Our very first song on the 7th Secret soundtrack will be Joan Jett’s song, “Love is Pain”.  It doesn’t get much better than that right?  We were off to a great start!